1. Some lettering on tile we did for the Holloway in Echo Park, L.A.


  2. Nearly impossible to photograph window we painted in reverse. Added a 23k gold outline to the numbers, and did the “GT” in 23k gold as well. For the Race Car Bar in Des Moines, IA


  3. A slew of signs we made for Green Dot Stables in Detroit, the best burger joint in town! They also had us do some lettering on their doors. Thanks guys!


  4. Yes, you can have something painted on that roll down door/corrugated surface! Contact us to find out how…


  5. Meet Jubilee, a 2012 Chevy express 1500 a.k.a. our new shop van! Next time you see her, she’ll be all lettered up. Good things to come…


  6. a 4x4 MDO sign we painted this spring.


  7. A logo we designed and painted in reverse on the world HQ doors of Union Joints in Clarkston, MI.


  8. Some clean and simple Gothic lettering we did on the wall of Holloway in Echo Park, L.A.


  9. a chalkboard we did for Joan’s new location in Studio City, CA.


  10. A big chalkboard we did for Rascal in L.A.


  11. Covered the windows at the new Mt. Clemens Einstein location with butcher paper and painted a few giant logos, along with some extra large casual lettering. Thanks guys!


  12. Had a blast painting the truck doors of Vinsetta Garage’s 50’s Chevy wrecker.


  13. Finally finished the B side to @m_carter_design sporty tank. The Mighty Mackinac bridge sittin’ proud at dusk…


  14. A reverse window sign for #vinsettagarage we painted yesterday! Just another friendly reminder from the #goldensignco. #signpainting #alwayshandpaint


  15. Loved doing these #nogingerbread info jammers for Vinsetta Garage in Berkley today. #signpainting #vinsettagarage