1. Campground Signage in Montana, California, & Glacier N.P.


  2. first two are from an impromptu paint jam in Boise Idaho, second two are for Gallagher’s Farm Market in Traverse City, Michigan.


  3. Thank you Carter for having us paint this Northern Michigan sunset on your tank! Woohoo!


  4. So good to be home and see old friends again. Thanks to @m_carter_design for having us lay down a Michigan forest sunset on one special Sporty! #signpainting #sportster #sightseeing


  5. We got to paint these old produce crates for Gallager’s Farm Market in Traverse City this weekend. Thanks guys for hosting us and thanks for all the delicious cherries and baked goods! #signpainting #havebrushwilltravel #traversecity #handlettering




  8. a surprise showcard from the one and only Doc Guthrie!
    Trade Tech Represent!

    Here are a few shots from this past weekend’s Showcard Show, displaying the fruits of our late night lettering over the last 8 months. We covered all 4 walls of Luddite Studio floor to ceiling with over 100 showcards from 10 different artists. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a memorable weekend for us all!



  9. Had so much fun tonight making this commissioned faux antique piece! Words to live by too… We have the best clients!! #liveheavytravellight #alwayshandpaint #signpainting #signgraphics #signs #antiquesigns #handlettering


  10. Old Timey Sign Truck Showcard



  12. Had a blast lettering mopeds and helmets at the Tomahawk Cup a few weeks back. Desert vibes were good! Already can’t wait for this event next year.


  13. Super excited to have the opportunity to hand letter a flier for one of our favorite bands, Frontier Ruckus! Thanks guys!



  15. The last installment of our limited edition T-shirt series, only a few left! Head on over to our online store right here and grab yours before they’re gone!